The Rooms

There are 5 rooms in total, 3 in the garden courtyard, 1 on the first floor above the main villa and one in the Pool courtyard. See more details below. Click here for the room price and booking page.




  • Clio 8
  • Clio 1
  • Clio 10
  • Clio 4
  • Clio 6
  • Clio 7

Clio is located on the pool courtyard and has its own verandah space with table and chairs to relax with a drink and a book after that swim. This is the most spacious room in the hotel and has a large 4 poster bed and in the bathroom, a large bathtub and hydro cabin/shower

This room can be for single use at a reduced charge of €120/night

Erato & Thalia


  • Erato 1
  • Erato 2
  • Erato 3
  • Erato 4
  • Erato 5
  • Thalia 1
  • Thalia 2
  • Thalia 3
  • Thalia 4
  • Thalia 5
  • Thalia 6
  • Thalia 7

Erato is on the first floor of the main building and has a private balcony overlooking the courtyard garden. It has a large comfortable double bed.

Thalia is in the garden courtyard with its own verandah space and has a 4 poster double bed.

These rooms can be for single use at a reduced charge of €100/night


Euterpe & Calliope


  • Euterpe 1
  • Euterpe 2
  • Euterpe 3
  • Euterpe 4
  • Euterpe 5

These rooms are in the garden courtyard, and can be configured as doubles, twins or for single use at a reduced charge of €80/night